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  1. Sequel middle grade horse novel coming soon
    Sequel middle grade horse novel coming soon
    Short Description
  2. Sequel middle grade horse novel coming soon
    Sequel middle grade horse novel coming soon
    Short Description
A quick look into the story . . .
​                                            Chapter 1.

                                     Saturday Morning

   I sat on the second to the bottom step of our old bungalow house for what seemed like forever. From the kitchen down the hall, the antique wall clock--an expensive birthday present to Mom from Grandma Leona--chimed eight times. I sighed. The day I had been waiting for my whole entire life was finally here, and Mom and Dad slept late?

   I had on a pair of tan jodhpurs that were getting too small for me. The suede knee patch on my right pant's leg was coming off. I had picked at a long, loose thread that was along the patch's edge, but all that did was make the patch come off some more. Maybe Mom could sew it back on, or maybe I could finally get new riding breeches.

   Dexter, my black cat with four white paws, played with the drawstring from the hood of my favorite purple swearshirt I was taking with me if we'd ever go. The sweatshirt laid in a lump on the oak floor near my feet.

   "It's going to be a super-duper day if they ever get up," I said to Dexter as I reached down and scratched him with both hands. I then wiped off his shed fur on the front of my lucky T-shirt--the light blue one with the jumping horse, iron-on decal on the front. It was tight and faded-out, but I loved it anyway. I smoothed the front decal twice with my palms for double the luck.

       I finally heard footsteps across the creaky floorboards above me.

       "Dad!" I yelled as I jumped to my feet. "Are you ready? Are we going soon?"

       Mom came to the top of the steps wearing her new yellow bathrobe and slippers. She finished braiding her long dark hair, like mine, and tossed it over her left shoulder. She came down the carpeted stairs toward me.

       "Cassie, why are you shouting?" she asked. She gently touched the top of my head as she stepped around me and went toward the kitchen. "I need some coffee. Do you want me to make you some breakfast before you go?"

    "I already ate some cereal," I lied. I couldn't eat now if I tried. "Is Dad up? Is he ready to go?" I tagged along behind her.

       She plugged in the electric coffee percolator. "Your dad's getting dressed. He'll be down soon. Are you sure you've had enough to--"

       "Mom, I said I already ate," I lied again and sat down at the kitchen table across from her. I wadded up my purple sweatshirt in my lap and jittered my right leg.

       "I know you're excited, but can you stop wiggling your leg?" Mom said. "It's making the table shake."

       I stopped jittering . . .

                       ---From Mystery Horse at Oak Lane Stable---