1. Mystery Horse at Oak Lane Stable
    Twelve-year-old Cassie Pietrowski's dream of owning a horse becomes a reality when her dad receives an unexpected promotion at work in spite of the nation's economic climate of 1975, but things don't go quite like she plans. On the Saturday morning that Cassie, her dad, and Stan Hoffman--Oak Lane Stable's manager--are looking at possibilities for her, they come across four neglected horses destined for the kill pens. Despite pleading with her dad to save at least the bay horse, who holds the most promise, Cassie's dad refuses to buy any of them. Cassie is surprised the next day to find the bay horse grazing in a paddock at Oak Lane Stable. She must convince her dad that he is the right horse for her before the horse's mysterious past catches up to him or she loses him forever to new owners.